Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Position at the Research Connection - Genetics Division at Boston Children’s Hospital


The Research Connection - Genetics Division at Boston Children’s Hospital is looking for a Postdoc to help us build cutting edge research systems. The real value in biomedical research lies not in the scale of any single source of data, but in the ability to integrate and interrogate multiple, complementary datasets simultaneously. We are combining clinical and genomics data on Autism patients across different scales and resolutions to enable new perspectives for essential biomedical questions. The dataset to be worked on today has over 6,000 exomes, 10,000 SNP Chip results, hundreds of microarrays, carefully and professionally collected clinical data as well as links to electronic health records for the same subjects. As the project progresses the incumbent will have the opportunity to participate in data mining and research on the dataset.


The Postdoc will be responsible for loading large datasets into our warehouse, all the while making improvements to an existing data loading infrastructure. Opportunities exist for publications both in the infrastructure of our research environment and in novel data analysis. The diversity of subject matter will require a creative mind and a candidate capable of deploying imaginative strategies and who is dedicated to solving complex and challenging problems within an interdisciplinary environment.


Candidates must have a PhD degree (or MD/PhD.) in biomedical informatics, bioinformatics, Computational Biology, computer science, or a related field. Curriculum in and/or strong experience with NGS, RNA Seq will be necessary for this opportunity. Experience in clinically derived data, clinical ontologies is required as well as strong experience in programming and software development. Specifically, experience with Perl, R and database programming are required. The candidate interested in this position must be highly motivated, willing to learn and demonstrate initiative in assigned tasks. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are crucial. Previous experience on neurodevelopment disorders would be a plus.