i2b2/tranSMART pilot study on the cloud using Redshift - Phase I

Amazon Web Services Research Grant


PI $100K

To handle increasing data volumes and potential new sources of data, and to promote patient engagement, we intend to conduct a pilot study that involves hosting this infrastructure on a paradigm which provides high storage, computing power and availability, AWS.

Our project plan comprises 2 phases:

- Phase 1 will involve transforming the open access NDAR (National Database for Autism Research) database to the i2b2/tranSMART model. The transformed NDAR and the existing Oracle databases will be ported to the AWS cloud. The computing power of AWS will be leveraged to identify comorbidities between PMS and autism patients, and correlations between clinical and genomic data.

- Phase 2 will involve the adaptation of the i2b2 data model to Redshift Petabyte for the storage and analysis of increasing volumes of patient data. This will entail transferring NDAR phenotypic and annotated genetic data and PMS_DN data to Redshift nodes. 

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