Restricted Data Access

NHLBI BioDataCatalyst

NHLBI BioData Catalyst is a cloud-based platform providing tools, applications, and workflows in secure workspaces. By increasing access to NHLBI datasets and innovative data analysis capabilities, BioData Catalyst accelerates efficient biomedical research that drives discovery and scientific advancement, leading to novel diagnostic tools, therapeutics, and prevention strategies for heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders.

Though the primary goal of the BioData Catalyst project is to build a data science ecosystem, at its core, this is a people-centric endeavor. BioData...

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Genomic Research Innovative Network (GRIN)

BD2K PIC-SURE API is the core aggregator API between 3 US leading pediatric university hospitals: 1) Boston Children's Hospital, 2) Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and 3) Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

(by invitation only)

NIH/NCATS Global Rare Diseases Patient Registry Data Repository (GRDR®)

This is a web-based resource that aggregates, secures, and stores deidentified patient information from 12 different registries for rare diseases (5,277 patients with 178 different rare dieseases) all in one place. This platform allows for the wider dissemination of data collected by individual rare disease registries as well as the increased accessibility of data for researchers conducting intra-registry and cross-registry queries in the genesis of hypotheses for potential study. It uses the BD2K PIC-SURE RESTful API international ontologies for semantic interoperability, mappings to...

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